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Holiday Improv with Rhonda

Improv, Holiday

Come have a holly jolly time with Rhonda Improv! Escape your relatives and celebrate the holidays with some yule tide improvisational comedy. A one-word suggestion from our audience will send a team of actors into a show that you have never seen before and will never see again. Yes, that's right, everything you will see will be made completely on the spot! Rhonda hails from Lexington, Kentucky and performs both short and long-form improvisation. The team was recently seen at the Del Close Marathon in NYC, performing at the UCB Theater. Other recent appearances include the DAM Good Improv Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and the Improv Festival of Cincinnati. Doors open at 6pm. Show will be in the Castle Greenhouse! Complimentary signtature cocktail included! Cash/credit bar and concessions open for duration of event. Limited reservations for Castle Farm Restaurant prior to the show are also available at *Age 21+ *No refunds or exchanges *Please be aware that access to the interior of the castle is limited to guests with VIP tickets, reservations for Castle Farm Restaurant, our boutique hotel or an interior private event. Tours of the castle and grounds are available on a regular basis; please check for schedule and tickets.