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Historic Boone Tavern Hotel

100 Main Street North, Berea, KY


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Upcoming Events

Conference on Rural Water Quality

Conference, Community Event, Green/Environmental

The conference will go over water quality in rural areas, as well as means of monitoring and improvement.


• Fri 12/20/19 at

"Straight Back" Conference

Conference, Health & Wellness/Nutrition

The prevalence of stationary lifestyle in modern society - working a deskjob, commuting by car, free time spent in front of a screen - result in frequent health complications, affecting our posture and back health the most. Considering the ever increasing number of people suffering from back pain, promoting physiotherapeutic education and awareness is crucial. During the conference particular cases of complications and injuries will be examined, as well as means of preventing them - from simple posture correction and regular excecise to massages and physiotherapy provided by medical science.


• Mon 12/23/19 at 7:00 AM - 10:35 PM